Workshops and Presentations


Introduction to Facebook Marketing for Business

This interactive workshop will teach participants how to make their Facebook page excel at driving traffic and increasing engagements. We will look at what Facebook can help you accomplish and how to get followers to your Facebook page. You will learn how to create and curate creative content that will resonate with your target audience. Finally, you will use Facebook Page Insights to identify your best content and be more cost-effective and efficient with your Facebook marketing.


Intermediate Facebook Marketing for Business

Intermediate Facebook for Business builds upon what participants have learned in the Intro Facebook course offered in earlier in the day. You have your Facebook page up and running, and now it is time to get more sophisticated. In this workshop, we will learn about Facebook apps and how to use them to run contests and promotions, add email subscribers, integrate your Instagram feed, and offer customer support. We will discuss why it is important to use Facebook advertising to reach your target audience, the basics of Facebook advertising, the different types of Facebook ads you can run, and the elements of a perfect Facebook ad. In addition, we will look at Facebook Ads Manager to help you be more effective and efficient with your Facebook marketing.


Your Website: The Foundation of a First-Rate Marketing Strategy

Learn how to effectively utilize your website as part of your marketing strategy. Topics learned include the must-have components for a great website, designing a conversion path on your website, and making your website content more shareable. Participants also learn how to optimize social media to improve search rank and drive traffic to the website.


Marketing 101

Learn about the fundamentals of marketing, including how to make strategic and tactical marketing decisions by using database marketing & STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning).


Marketing You: Personal Branding

This workshop will help you identify your passions, strengths and abilities which will help create your unique personal brand persona which is aligned with your strengths, passions, and personality, and has emotional appeal to your target audience (customers, company executives, your boss, etc.). You will be able to identify strategies to market your personal brand including online/social media marketing job offers and more promotional opportunities, and potentially make more money throughout your career.

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